Works in Progress

Working Title: Embered Flame

Status: Under revision.

Blurb: A YA Fantasy where a seventeen-year-old girl joins forces with a Scarlet Pimpernel-like protector to rescue her mother from a holocaust against the Galadin race.

Fun fact: I called one of the magical elements I created for Embered Flame, the kuhati, a word I borrowed and adapted from the Slovenian language. I also used the kuhati in my book, Trapped, which was published under the name Ronda Gibb Hirichsen. Trapped is a romantic suspense novel with a touch of fantasy, including “a forged letter, a golden vial, and an ancient curse” (Hinrichsen).** Want a sneak peek at the kuhati? Read Trapped.

**Hinrichsen, Ronda Gibb. Trapped. Brigham City, UT: Walnut Springs Press, 2010.

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“A well-woven plot, with strong characters and a great setting, Trapped is filled with suspense, mystery, and a little paranormal to keep it interesting.  This book will grab you in the first few pages and keep you turning them with anticipation.”

Author Michele Ashman Bell


Working Title: The Colding

Status: Complete, but it has not yet found a publishing home.

Blurb: A YA fantasy about a princess (or is she?) who must escape the clutches of the man she believes is her father, the king, before he forces her into a marriage that shakes her and her countrymen to their cores.